Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Khalezov: "American government was [not] a September 11th perpetrator"



This screen-shot is taken precisely as the male interviewer says "they reacted to something that somebody else did" (speaking of the U.S. government)".

Notes: This could be a staged interview. The interviewer in this 26-part series of video clips appears to me to be collaborating with Khalezov. I don’t know who he is, and therefore, I don’t know what his motive for doing so would be. But he is not really conducting a very good interview; he is not challenging Khalezov on any points, not even his credentials, he just appears geared towards getting Khalazov to say that the American government did not perpetrate 9/11.



Male interviewer: — If the American government have made a tragic decision, then they have to come up with some planted evidence to prevent it from coming out.

Khalezov: Of course. That is—that is just a part of September 11th cover-up.

Because the—after nuclear demolition of the World Trade Center, the American government was put in such a desperate situation, that they could produce any kind of fake evidence just to distract the public attention from the real nuclear explosions.

Just as a part of the distraction.

Male interviewer: — But, it’s your opinion that what the American government did was reaction, reactive. They reacted to something that somebody else did.

Khalezov: Yes—

Male interviewer: And so, they weren’t perpetrators, they were just coverers-up.

Khalezov: Yes—

I do not believe that the American government was a September 11th perpetrator. I am sure that it was a victim. Put in extremely desperate situation. That has no other way than to indulge in that kind of cover-up [nods head toward 911 Commission Report, which swirls onto the screen].

Khalezov: "... the American government has nothing to do with September 11th perpetration, it was just a victim."



This screen-shot is taken precisely as Khalazov says U.S. Govt. were “victims” of 9/11

Khalezov: Many people mistakenly believe, especially conspiracy theorists, that the Doomsday plane was a main tool of the perpetrators; so they believe that September 11 was organized by the U.S. Government, and the Doomsday plane was used as a flying control center to set the things in motion. (Long pause)

They cannot find any other explanation to this strange thing. (Pause.)

And the American government in turn tries its best to deny the existence of the Doomsday plane and its flying at September 11th. This attitude of the U.S. government increase the suspicions of the conspiracy theorists.

Male interviewer: Yes—

Khalezov: But, is—According to what I explain in my book—the story is totally different. First of all, the American government has nothing to do with September 11th perpetration, it was just a victim. And the Doomsday plane was scrambled because of a coming attack of the missile that hit the Pentagon—

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